Ice Cream Cup & Cone Filing Machine

Micron has designed and developed a flexible rotary type cup & cone filling machines for ice cram.
The machines can be made available as per the requirement of customers starting from a single lane up to four lanes. The machines are suitable for filling of ice cream in small/big cup as well as big/small cone.
One of the most important features of the machine is, they are very compact and require very less floor space.
The machine is to be connected in line with a continuous freezer. The variable speed allows the arrangement to match the freezer capacity. The machine also provides the options to fill the cones with the use of change parts. The change over from one cup size to another cup size is very easy and can be done within few minutes. The batch coding is also possible on the conveyor.

The machines is combination of mechanical movements and some functions having pneumatic operations. The use or hardened cam profiles offers long life and accuracy to the machine.
An user friendly PLC with touch screen is used to control all the functions and provide the inter locking which means minimum product and material wastage.
All these features make the machine most flexible and reliable.

Advantages :

  • Complete stainless steel body
  • PLC along with touch screen
  • Low Maintenance

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