Micron has designed and developed High Pressure Homogenisers for products like Milk, ice Cream Mix, Dahi, Lasssi, Tomato Paste, Tomato Puree, Juices, etc
The Homogeniser provides a smooth textures & better viscosity to the products. In milk it reduces the fat particle size which gives the milk a new appearance.

Apart from the food processing industry, Micron has supplied high-pressure Homogenisers for various application like Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Paint, Wax, and other related industries.

The machines are available from capacities as low as 50ltrs/Hr to 2000 Ltrs/Hr.
All the Homogenisers are with facility for forced lubrication and higher capacity homogenizers are with Hydraulic Operating System.
The compact design of the machine has very low maintenance.
The specially designed chamber helps to change the plunger packing from the front side, this means more life to Rubber parts that are reduced maintenance time and cost.


  • Complete Stainless Steel Body
  • Low maintenance

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