Butter Wrapping Machine

The Micron Cube Forming machine is designed to pack butter and similar kind of products in parchment paper or aluminium as per the requirement of the customer.
The complete machine is a mechanical machine with Rotary table. The paper or the foil in the form of a roll will be fed to the machine.

The machine will automatically sense the length of the paper & cut the same in a correct size.
The specially designed format pushes the paper into the cassette on the table where the two sides’s get folded.

The paper is sensed and move to next station where the desired quantity of the products gets dispersed into it.
The specially designed screw feeder is used to transfer and dispense the product. At the next station the paper gets folded and then pressed to get the desired shape. The finished product then gets rolled on to the conveyor.
Listed below are some of the features of the machine:
Very Compact Design
Less Maintenance
Output of the Machine 60-70 bricks per min.

  • Complete Stainless Steel Body
  • PLC along with touch screen
  • Low Maintenance

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